dimecres, 29 de febrer de 2012

The Triple Crown to Wales!!!

Congratulations to the Welsh team of Union Rugby for the Triple Crown.
Great game of both teams that finally was to the Welsh side through ambition.
Here you have the highlights of the game that gave Wales the trophy:

When the game was 12-12 and there were only 5 minuts to the end, an inspiration and a great ambition for the victory appeared in the green carpet.
Look and enjoy the sequence of the play:

 At the very end of the match, there was a play that could have made the difference for the English. 
It seemed that a try was gained by the English squad, but as far as it was a doubtful play, the referee asked for the assistance of the video referee.

The play was shown on TV and the desition communicated to the main referee...
No one complained after the desition. It was accepted by the English with great respect.
Main referee asks for the support of the video referee.
There was no try for England. The desition of the video referee is communicated to the players.

The English squad accepts the desition with no complains at all.

Can you imagine if it had been a football game?
-No way for a video referee.
-No respect for the main referee's desition.
Good lesson of sportamanship!!

divendres, 17 de febrer de 2012

Are you ready?

Vols una?
La tindrem a la venda quan els companys de 4t tornin del seu viatge!!